The University of Queensland Hockey Club is a family oriented sporting club home to almost 500 members. Established in 1912, UQHC has a rich history with over 30 teams across mens, womens and junior divisions. In 2019, UQHC was awarded BWHA's Club of the Year with a record 11 teams making the Grand Final.


In accordance with Stage 3 restrictions, EVERYONE attending matches at ALL HOCKEY VENUES must have their attendance recorded.


Match Participants

Players, Team Managers, Team Coaches, Umpires and Tech Officers will have their attendance recorded and that all such personnel ARE REGISTERED in revSPORT.


However, after a person has finished participating in a match and stays at the venue, perhaps to watch another match, they must register their continued attendance at the venue using Eva Check-Ins.


Family and Supporters

ALL OTHERS  that are not directly participating in a match and therefore not recorded on the Match Sheet are required to SELF REGISTER THEIR ATTENDANCE (check-in) using either a QR Code or Web Link. This includes parents, children, grandparents, friends, supporters and so on.



The following information provides important details for SELF REGISTERING  at turf facilities using Eva Check-in. To do so attendees can use their phone to either scan a QR Code then follow the instructions presented, or, use a Web Browser and link as listed below, again following the instructions presented.


QR Codes

QR Codes will be on display at the entrances as well as throughout each venue and are unique to the venue.


How to use the QR Code.

1.     Open up the camera app or a dedicated QR Code App on your phone.

2.     Focus your camera on the QR code and wait for a box to appear asking if you want to browse to an address. If you don’t’ receive a response then you may need to install a dedicated App – see the FAQ below.

3.     Go to the website that opens on your phone – you may have to tap a button to accept.

4.     Enter your contact details and the club/team you are a parent or spectator for today, for example “Bulimba”.

5.     Tap the Confirm button to check-in – that’s it!

6.     Remember to check out when you leave the facility.

If you forget, you will be automatically checked out some time later. If you are still checked in at a venue and you have travelled to another venue, when you try to login there you will be offered to transfer your attendance to the new venue.


Facility Links

Use the following Web Links in a browser on your phone, tablet, laptop/desktop PC etc. to check-in if you can’t use the QR codes.

Burringbar Park - https://my.evacheckin.com/4070xdyp

State Hockey Centre Field 1 - https://my.evacheckin.com/4022xbdk

State Hockey Centre Field 2 - https://my.evacheckin.com/0xkka

Easts Tiger Turf - https://my.evacheckin.com/4078xzwa

Redcliffe - https://my.evacheckin.com/4084xcvg

UQ Field 4 and 5 - https://my.evacheckin.com/0xxrz

Labrador - TBA

Pine Hills (JD Reserve) - https://my.evacheckin.com/4086xtli

Finsbury Park - TBA

Dorrington Park - TBA

Shaw Park – TBA

Calling all Volunteers

Do you have a talent you can share with the club?

We are a club built on the work and dedication of passionate volunteers, and we are always looking to improve the way the club functions. If you have a skill you are happy to share, or if you will try your hand at anything, drop us a line and let us know.

We would specifically love to hear from:

  • Anyone who is interested in helping plan the social events the club runs during the year;
  • Someone who has a flair for digital media; and
  • Anyone who loves sports writing;
  • Anyone who would like to learn to umpire or who can help out with umpiring 'rookey' games.
  • Anyone who is interested in coaching one of our junior teams.
    • There are plenty of new club events to be organised that need graphics designed and publicised, and we would love to get match reports from as many matches as possible each week.

      If you would like to offer your time and skills please contact us!

      Volunteers make our club!

To Contact Us

For General Club enquiries please email secretary@unihockey.org.au
For information about Junior Hockey please email juniors@unihockey.org.au

For Complaints or concerns please contact: UQHC MPIO (Member Protection Information Officer)